About CCG

CCG is built on delivering consistently great work for our clients.

We meet our clients where the problems live.

We specialize in the detailed design, planning, engineering and delivery of secure, scalable, high-performance technology systems/solutions.

Our engineers and consultants have the experience, expertise, clarity, vision and leadership to take you wherever you need to go.

How we do it

CCG offers a full complement of services to create and sustain your platform for digital business. From education and strategy development, to complex deployments and ongoing operational management, we’ve got you covered.

Helping you at every stage

  • Strike a balance between innovation and operational excellence
  • Blend technological, operational, and organizational perspectives
  • Take a holistic view across your IT infrastructure

CCG Virtual Executive

We offer services to Information Technology organizations to fill key leadership roles. Whether its due to transition or the need for additional perspectives, we offer a fast-growing partnership of experienced executive level leaders. Averaging more than 25 years of experience, our team have served as top leaders at companies spanning multiple industries and from small companies to large enterprises.